Company ROBOTEH includes

- robot KUKA, robotization, automation;
- robotic cells with KUKA robots;
- industrial turnkey systems for different purposes;
- used KUKA robots (Premium KUKA robots);
- programming of KUKA robots;
- service of KUKA robots;
- servicing KUKA robotization and robotic cells;
- service 24/7 (hotline);
- programming of SIEMENS controllers;

- SCADA monitoring systems SIEMENS WinCC;
- stretch wrappers, strapping tools, sealers SIAT;
- automatic strapping machines and materials;
- transport equipment, conveyors+transport lines;
- RK linear units, servo motors, electro equipment;
- frequency inverters and motor gears LENZE;
- integration of sensorics and actuators;
- electro projecting and design (E-plan);
- projecting and construction of robot cells;
- reloacting of robotic cells and automation lines.



Years of

We are a team with over 20 years of experience in the field of robotics and automation.




Annual performed more than 40 integrated automation systems Roboteh-KUKA.




Innovative technology and reliable implementation of automation are the reasons for the large number of subscribers.

Smo strateški partner nemškega proizvajalca robotov KUKA ROBOTER GmbH za področje Adriatic in edini certificirani za izvajanje servisov KUKA robotov in prodajo rezervnih delov na tem področju.